The Natural Guide to Cosmetic Surgery Recovery eBook

The Natural Guide to Cosmetic Surgery Recovery eBook

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This is my comprehensive guide to preparing and recovering from any type of surgery involving soft tissue trauma (perfect for breast surgery, facelifts, bbl, lipo etc)

I created this guide based on my own experience before and after my breast augmentation. I wanted to ensure i had the quickest most optimal recovery (i was getting married six weeks after my boob job so being fit and healthy was EXTREMELY IMPORTANT).

This guide is based on extensive research around nutrition, diet, lifestyle and exercise, to prepare your body for surgery and have the easiest recovery possible. 

It is a holistic approach to support & nourish every aspect of your health.


This eBook aims to:

  • Nourish your body and top up your nutritional stores (deficiencies will slow down recovery, increase risk of complications, stretch marks and scars)
  • Prevent weight gain post surgery
  • Enhance tissue repair processes 
  • Boost your immune function
  • Support your gut health
  • Support healthy liver detoxification
  • Help protect the body from trauma related to surgery
  • Help keep you feeling good mentally post surgery
  • Support healthy, glowing skin
  • Get your body strong and flexible prior to surgery
  • Protect your investment (lets be real, cosmetic surgery is an expensive investment that needs to be protected)
  • Take the guess work out of what and how to eat for optimal health 


The ebook includes:

  • 8 Week Pre Surgery Guide
  • Nutrition, Diet, Lifestyle, Exercise Guide
  • 2 week meal plan pre surgery (to nourish and prepare your body)
  • 2 Week Meal Prep Plan (created so you can be prepared for surgery recovery, with heaps of simple, delicious, nourishing recipes that you can prep a few days prior to surgery, so you have plenty of heathy things to eat)
  • 2 Week Post surgery Guide
  • Surgery prep shopping lists 

If you would like some extra support for your surgical journey, this eBook is ideal.

Easy to follow & understand, with plenty of quick references, guides and shopping lists to take the stress and anxiety out of preparing and recovering from surgery.