2 Week Anti-Ageing Intensive Detox (Lose up to 4 kg in 2 weeks)
2 Week Anti-Ageing Intensive Detox (Lose up to 4 kg in 2 weeks)
2 Week Anti-Ageing Intensive Detox (Lose up to 4 kg in 2 weeks)
2 Week Anti-Ageing Intensive Detox (Lose up to 4 kg in 2 weeks)
2 Week Anti-Ageing Intensive Detox (Lose up to 4 kg in 2 weeks)
2 Week Anti-Ageing Intensive Detox (Lose up to 4 kg in 2 weeks)
2 Week Anti-Ageing Intensive Detox (Lose up to 4 kg in 2 weeks)
2 Week Anti-Ageing Intensive Detox (Lose up to 4 kg in 2 weeks)

2 Week Anti-Ageing Intensive Detox (Lose up to 4 kg in 2 weeks)

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This 2 week detox is ideal if you are looking for a truly deep cleanse. LOSE UP TO 4KG IN 2 WEEKS.

Perfect for a kickstart into weight loss. Ideal prior to following a ketogenic diet. 

This focuses on supporting digestion & intestinal health and targets inflammation & oxidative stress to protect the body from ageing. 

If you feel bloated, heavy, gassy and just icky and need a little kickstart for your health & weight loss journey this program is for you.

Super simple to follow with a delicious and healthy meal meal plan with and the highest quality detoxification supplements, herbal teas and lifestyle products. 

Supplements include capsules, herbal tea and a pleasant tasting powder. 

The 14 day meal plan has been meticulously designed to act synergistically with the supplements to enhance liver detoxification phases for a deep cleanse of the liver, improve fat burning, reduce inflammation, target oxidative stress and all aspects of digestive health.  


This 2 week program was designed to make it super simple for busy people to give themselves a deep cleanse without interrupting their lifestyle. 


Inclusions (Naturopathically Designed):

  • 2 Week Detoxification Meal Plan 
  • 2 Week Detoxification Guide & Planner 
  • 2 Week Post Detox Meal Plan to ease back into a healthy way of life
  • $170 worth of supplements
  • Ultra Pure Magnesium salts 
  • Intestinal Detoxification Supplements 
  • Herbal Teas to enhance energy, mood & digestion
  • Naturopathic Email Support


A healthy digestive system is ESSENTIAL for good health, we need healthy digestion to break down our food and absorb nutrients, signal hormones & neurotransmitters and to control our immune system. 

Healthy digestion includes: stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, digestive enzymes, microbiome, gut wall, colon and HEALTHY BOWEL MOVEMENTS. 

In the environment we live in today we bombard our digestive system with foods, alcohol and other things our bodies can barely recognise, leading to chronic damage and impacting our whole health. 

Taking some time to actively repair and nourish your digestive system regularly is so important for healthy ageing & longevity. 

The good thing is our digestive system is pretty resilient and with a little care we can restore our digestion back to optimum. 


Intensive Digestive Repair:

Formulated to:

  • Soothe and heal the mucous membrane (gut wall)
  • Strengthens the muscles of the large intestine and regulate peristalsis (helping to relieve constipation) 
  • Supports healthy gallbladder function and bile flow (which is needed for the breakdown and utilisation of fatty acids and fat soluble nutrients; important for healthy skin, immune, cardiovascular and brain ageing) 
  • Has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal benefits helping to kill of candida overgrowth and rebalance the gut bacteria 
  • Supports healthy liver function
  • Helps relieve gas & cramps, targets reflux
  • Deep bowel cleanser


Cleansing the bowel is integral in maintaining overall health and removing toxic build-up. The colon serves as a drain pipe for waste produced as a result of metabolic functions within the body, as well as toxic substances absorbed through our lungs and skin. With today's overexposure to toxins, our body can find it difficult to remove these impurities and begins to store them in the colon, appearing as mucoid plaque on the walls of the intestines. This first step in the 2 week plan, readies your body for the next phase in deep detoxification.



 This week we focus on deep liver detoxification, elimination and clearance of waste and toxins. 

This stage enhances all phases of liver detoxification and removal of toxins out of the body. Potent antioxidants fight damaging free radicals that occur during liver detoxification phases. Powerful drawing & absorbing agents help remove these newly cleared toxins from the body and help prevent damage associated with detoxification. 

Intense deep cleaning of the bowel occurs during this stage.

When you deep clean the bowel, you're allowing your digestive tract to work more effectively, which means the absorption and production of vitamins, minerals and proteins, will be significantly increased.

The herbal supplements for this part of the detox work as a:

  • Powerful intestinal "vacuum" that draws out old faecal matter, toxins, poisons, bacteria, drug residues, mercury and lead off the walls of the colon

  • Strong anti-inflammatory and soothing agent 
  • Help create glutathione in the liver (natures mother antioxidant, essential for anti-ageing)


DOSAGE AND WARNINGS: Please refer to the 2 week detoxification guide for specific dosage instructions for throughout this program.

Caution needs to be taken with certain prescription medications including anti-depressants and blood thinners, if you are unsure wether your medication is safe please email info@thelongevityremedy.com and we can assist you. 


Included Supplements:   

Herbal Tea: Sweet lemon ginger. 


Organic ingredients: Ginger root, licorice root, lemon myrtle leaf, lemongrass. caffeine free

Eden Health Foods. IDF#1


Althaea officinalis (root) ext. equiv. dry (Marshmallow),Mentha x piperita (leaf) dry (Peppermint), Plantago ovata (seed) (Psyllium), Ulmus rubra (inner stem bark) powder (Slippery elm), Activated green clay, Activated willow charcoal, Apple pectin, Linum usitatissimum (seed) (Flaxseed)

Product: Eden Health Foods IDF#2


Allium sativum (bulb) ext. equiv. fresh (Garlic) Cassia senna (fruit) dry Frangula purshiana (bark) ext. equiv. dry (Cascara) Zingiber officinale (rhizome) (Ginger) Aloe ferox (Bitter aloe) Berberis vulgaris (root) ext. equiv. dry (Barberry) Capsicum annuum (fruit) ext. equiv. dry