Rose Hip Oil (My most favourite anti-ageing oil on the planet)

Rose Hip Oil (My most favourite anti-ageing oil on the planet)

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Rose hip oil is my GO TO anti-ageing oil. I have been using rose hip oil for 16 years and whilst i do accredit my diet and lifestyle for helping keep my skin looking youthful, without a doubt i know rose hip oil has also played a huge role.

Of the 100's of different brands of rose hip oil I have used this is the best one I have found on the market. The colour is a rich dark red (which means its packed full of all the good stuff) and it absorbs quickly, with makeup and other skin care going over the top of this oil with ease. 

It's great for all types of skin even oily. 

Regardless of the skin care i use, i also put rose hip oil on first and it works well with all of my super high powered cosmeceuticals.

Pro tip: Apply to your chest, breasts and back of your hands to keep them looking younger for longer. Also helps prevent stretch marks and reduce the appearance of scars, perfect for post surgery. 

Penetrates easily without leaving a greasy residue and can be applied undiluted on the skin, even on sensitive skins.


  • Rich in essential fatty acids and carotenoids including lycopene, a powerful anti-ageing antioxidant to assist in skin renewal and repair
  • Rehydrating, moisturising and revitalising to dry skin
  • Nourishes and repairs razor damaged skin
  • Reduces the appearance of premature ageing skin, wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines
  • Brings soothing relief to sun and wind damaged skin
  • Encourages regeneration and renewal of skin cells and is effective against stretch marks and scarring
  • Protects the integrity of skin from harmful elements such as pollution, chemicals and harsh weather conditions
  • Soothes irritated and distressed skin
  • Promotes a vital and healthy complexion

66 Kg of dry Rose Hip fruits are required to obtain enough seed to produce only 1 litre of pure oil.

Dosage & warnings

Apply to clean skin on face, neck and body.



100% Pure Rosa eglanteria (seed) oil (Rose hip) 0.1ml/0.1ml