Intensive Anti-Ageing Program (All-Inclusive)

Intensive Anti-Ageing Program (All-Inclusive)

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This is the most comprehensive and targeted holistic anti-ageing program available is Australia.

Bringing the body back into balance, targeting the known causes of ageing, enhancing the function of all the body systems and taking your health to a whole other level.

This program is perfect if you look and feel old, tired, bloated, stressed, anxious and just need a refresh or kickstart into the rest of your life. 

Also great for those of you with an important event or milestone coming up and you want to look and feel the best you ever have. 

This program is for you if you want to target:

  • Gut health
  • Fat loss 
  • Skin rejuvenation & repair (target those wrinkles)
  • Liver detoxification
  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Adrenal Hormonal Balance


Includes over $650 worth of the highest quality supplements and $400 worth of functional pathology and testing!

Utilising evidence based nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, coaching, lifestyle interventions & the highest quality practitioner only supplements & lifestyle products.

Includes state of the art functional testing to determine the level of damage in the body, oxidative stress, inflammation, hormonal balance, nutrient deficiencies and detoxification processes. 

Designed to make anti-ageing and a longevity lifestyle easy and sustainable you will have all the support, motivation & accountability you need to achieve your health goals. Naturopathic consultations, coaching calls, email & text support, bespoke meal plan, super foods, supplements & herbal medicines are all included.


This program includes:

      • 1 x Initial Naturopathic Consultation: We will go through your health history and create a comprehensive treatment program based on your specific health needs.
      • 3 X Follow Up Consultations: Used to track progress, modify treatment, provide support, accountability & motivation to help your achieve your health goals.
      • Bespoke Meal Plan: A meal plan will be created for you based on your health needs, dietary likes & dislikes, budget and how much time you want to spend in the kitchen. Shopping lists and a weekly planner are also provided to make healthy eating as uncomplicated and seamless as possible. You will receive a new meal plan weekly so you never get sick of the food
        • Functional Pathology: Genova ORGANIX comprehensive profile: Testing for 46 Organic Acid metabolites that are invovled in healthy ageing. 
          • Macronutrient metabolism
          • Energy production
          • B vitamin markers
          • Methylation & Detoxification
          • Neurotransmitters
          • Oxidative damage and Antioxidant markers
          • Detoxification markers
          • Dysbiosis markers
    • Longevity supplements & lifestyle pack (Over $650 worth of products)
        • Anti-Ageing Herbal Tea: Chosen to target your health needs your herbal tea will work synergistically alongside your treatment program to enhance your results and target symptoms. 
        • Pure Nordic Omega Fish Oil: The highest quality fish oil available in Australia. The omega 3's from fish oil are essential for healthy ageing and disease prevention and have been shown to be beneficial for a large range of chronic health issues. 
        • Detoxification Pack: Includes practitioner only supplements therapeutically designed to target all detoxification processes of the body
        • Hydrolysed Collagen Powder: The perfect anti-ageing supports healthy gut, muscles, joints, skin (wrinkle prevention) & hair health. Add it to your morning tea or coffee, smoothie, protein shake, chia pudding and more.
        • Activated B supplement: Essential for energy production, hormonal balance, mood, detoxification & cardiovascular health. This is only available with a prescription.
        • Rose Hip Oil: Potent anti-ageing facial oil, this is one of the most nourishing oils available for skin health & prevention of wrinkles. Can be used with all current skin care regimes 
        • MSM Powder: The beauty mineral essential for healthy hair, skin, nails & wrinkle prevention, also supports liver detoxification & joint health. 
        • Alkalising essential mineral powder: Therapeutic & delicious multi mineral powder that is designed to bring the body back to a state of balance, regulate stress hormones and support energy & sleep. This is available only through a prescription.
        • Adaptogenic Herbal Blend: Designed to support adrenal function, lower stress hormones whilst improving stress adaption, contains herbs traditionally known as longevity herbs. This is available only through a prescription.