Hangover Fighter Pack

Hangover Fighter Pack

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Lets be real, this year had been super traumatic for many of us and if there was ever a time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself, this silly season is it!

I am all for being healthy and looking after our bodies, but I am also all for a great margarita or bloody mary, the problem is, in my older age, hangovers are like death to me (and i am sure many of you in your 30s/40s too). Anyways, yes I do like to indulge, but as I like to do, I love finding cheat codes to life!

Well with my hangover preventer pack I have done that. I have put together my favourite supplements to help prevent and recover quicker from a hangover.

My pack includes:

Acute phone consult (so I can safely prescribe the right supplements for your body)

The Hangover Prevention Ebook: Tips and tricks on what to do the day of/day after a big session!

Practitioner only supplements & prescription that will get you all the way through the holidays (and then some) 

Its only $199 plus postage and has over $250 of value. Dm me to purchase yours now!